Real housewives salaries 2018

Real Housewives Salaries 2018

Real housewives salaries 2018

Real housewives salaries 2018

Do you ever wonder just how rich your favorite Real Housewife is? Well, we have all the answers for you. We have listed how much each Housewife is worth and even reveal their Bravo salaries. Unknown Kordell Stewart Net Worth:

Real Housewives Salaries 2018 Video

Real housewives salaries 2018

We have listed how much each Housewife is worth and even reveal their Bravo salaries. The Real Housewives of New York are all fabulous — but where did they get their money? Ahead of the Season 8 premiere, Wetpaint is giving All Things Real Housewives list all the current housewives net worth and salaries from their respective show.

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the real housewives net worth and salaries


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the real housewives of atlanta salaries


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Phaedra Parks Net Worth & Biography 2017

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Real Housewives Salaries 2018

the real housewives net worth and salaries

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real housewives get paid


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Real Housewives Salaries 2018

The Highest Paid Real Housewives - Get

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Real Housewives Salaries 2018:

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