Investment green card

Investment Green Card

Investment green card

Investment green card

United States of America or USA is undoubtedly one of the best economies of the world with excellent education system, state-of-the-art business infrastructure, exuberant tourism activities and high standards of living. The program was initiated with the aim of strengthening the US Economy by creating new jobs and investment of foreign investors. It does not require the individual to manage the day-to-day affairs of a business. What is a Regional Center? Regional Center investors could directly or indirectly create job positions by hiring 10 employees. It seeks to promote economic growth to increase export Productivity, creations of new jobs and increased domestic capital investment.

Shifting your base and permanently residing in another country takes a lot of work and legal formalities. WWICS, being a leading global resettlement consultant, offers end-to-end immigration and visa services to its clients.

Investment Green Card Video

Investment green card

Getting a green card is the most sought after - and difficult to obtain - of U. You may also want to see our sections on Family-Based and Employment-Based Immigration for articles on those specific routes. Steps in the Green Card Application Process. Are you a foreign-born person eligible for a U.

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Steps to Obtain a Green Card and Complete the Immigration Process A Green Card holder also called an immigrant and a "lawful permanent resident" is a foreign national who has been granted the privilege of living and working permanently in the United States. If you want to obtain a Green Card and become an immigrant , you must go through a multi-step process:. The US immigration system is based primarily on family reunification, needed work skills, employment creation, and recognition of refugees.

Also, there is a Green Card Lottery for people who come from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. You must determine if you are eligible for a Green Card under one of the paths to US immigration, which include:. Eligibility requirements vary not only for each path, but also within each path.

Green Card US Immigration Process

Like many countries, the United States offers lawful permanent residency a green card to wealthy people, specifically business investors, who will pump money into its economy. Your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 can also get green cards, as accompanying relatives. However, this is not like paying an entry fee to get a green card. You must meet strict eligibility criteria before you can apply for permanent residency this way. They do not, however, need to actually control the business. The business can be located anywhere in the U.

Go to your forms. We are not a government agency. We are not a government agency or law firm. Price does not include government filing fees.

Green Card Through Marriage Application


Skip to main content. This page provides specific information for foreign nationals in the United States who want to apply for lawful permanent resident status in the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories while in the United States. For more information on other types of employment-based immigrants, see our pages on Green Cards for EB-4 special immigrants for example, religious workers and special immigrant juveniles and EB-5 immigrant investors.

If you are currently outside the United States , see Consular Processing for information about how to apply for a Green Card as a family preference immigrant. There are some limited exceptions to this eligibility requirement.

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USA Green Card (EB 5) No Ielts, Invest $500,000 and got Green Card for with Family

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Skip to main content. This page has information specifically for foreign nationals in the United States who want to apply for lawful permanent resident status as EB-5 immigrant investors while in the United States. If you are currently outside the United States , see Consular Processing for information on how to apply for a Green Card as an EB-5 immigrant investor.

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Employment Based Green Card process is driven by Employer and cannot be self-sponsored. But, there are an instance, where it can be self-sponsored. Details are listed below.

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Processing Times for PWR and PERM Applications

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If you have used the credit card for investment, then a copy of your credit card is necessary.

Obtaining a Green Card Through the US Immigration Process


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Green Card Immigration

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Investment Green Card

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Green Card through marriage to US citizens

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