Socially responsible investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing

Socially responsible investing

Glassman , Contributing Columnist May 1, In the world of investing, conscience, it seems, costs nothing. You can have your do-gooder cake and eat it, too. Over the past five years, the fund returned an annualized 2. Not all SRI funds beat the index, but it is remarkable how closely most of them track the market as a whole returns are through March 9; funds in boldface are ones I recommend. How to Be a Better Fund Investor. Socially responsible investing has come a long way since I started writing about it nearly 20 years ago. While I like the idea of putting my money where it will do good and do well at the same time, I worry about letting a fund company exercise my conscience for me.

Socially Responsible Investing Video

Socially responsible investing

Combining the desire to make money with the impulse to do good is a concept that is catching on. Although such socially responsible investing has been around for decades, the amount of money invested according to ethical and social principles has grown substantially in recent years. How to Invest for Climate Change.

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5 Mutual Funds for Socially Responsible Investors


Recently, it has also become known as "sustainable investing" or "responsible investing". There is also a subset of SRI known as " impact investing ", devoted to the conscious creation of social impact through investment. In general, socially responsible investors encourage corporate practices that promote environmental stewardship , consumer protection , human rights , and diversity. The origins of socially responsible investing may date back to the Religious Society of Friends Quakers. In , the Quaker Philadelphia Yearly Meeting prohibited members from participating in the slave trade — buying or selling humans. Some of the best-known applications of socially responsible investing were religiously motivated. The modern era of socially responsible investing evolved during the political climate of the s.

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Sustainable investors aim for strong financial performance, but also believe that these investments should be used to contribute to advancements in social, environmental and governance practices. They may actively seek out investments—such as community development loan funds or clean tech portfolios—that are likely to provide important societal or environmental benefits. Some investors embrace SRI strategies to manage risk and fulfill fiduciary duties; they review ESG criteria to assess the quality of management and the likely resilience of their portfolio companies in dealing with future challenges.

Some are seeking financial outperformance over the long term; a growing body of academic research shows a strong link between ESG and financial performance.

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Just Say "No" to Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing

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DEFINITION of 'Socially Responsible Investment - SRI'

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7 Great Socially Responsible Mutual Funds


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Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

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Socially Responsible Investing:

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BREAKING DOWN 'Socially Responsible Investment - SRI'

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